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Anthrocon 2010 update - DrG, Kathy Gerbasi, Ph.D.
Anthrocon 2010 update
We had nearly 600 people most of them furries, but not all, turn in surveys. I finally got them all entered into the computer, so I have to look through to be sure there are not any outrageous data entry errors.
Nuka also has his data entered.
Hopefully I will have some results to share later this week.

There are two people who have not yet claimed their prizes...one has a peggysue email...and the other listed a friend's phone number and they have not called me back yet.
If you know either of these folks, I would like to get them their prizes.

Oh and I did get the fur suit that was on sale in the art gallery .
My youngest dog Huckleberry wanted to chomp on it, but he is not being allowed access!

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