Kage on radio tonight...anyone know how to listen to replay?

One of my students, Charlie, just called me and told me Kage was on the radio tonight
by the time I gave up trying to find the station on the radio and went to my computer that segment was over...does anyone have a copy or can anyone figure out how to listen to a previous segment. I can't work that out...just a listing of previous guests but not the audio is all I can find :(

Anthrocon 2010 update

We had nearly 600 people most of them furries, but not all, turn in surveys. I finally got them all entered into the computer, so I have to look through to be sure there are not any outrageous data entry errors.
Nuka also has his data entered.
Hopefully I will have some results to share later this week.

There are two people who have not yet claimed their prizes...one has a peggysue email...and the other listed a friend's phone number and they have not called me back yet.
If you know either of these folks, I would like to get them their prizes.

Oh and I did get the fur suit that was on sale in the art gallery .
My youngest dog Huckleberry wanted to chomp on it, but he is not being allowed access!

Anthrocon 2010

I was interviewed for a Pittsburgh paper http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10177/1068520-53.stm, the article appeared Saturday.
We had about 600 participants, I will try and contact gift certificate winners Tuesday...most were actually at the closing ceremony. First time that has happened.
Nuka and I will be working on results and keep everyone updated.
We had a very helpful and interesting panel Sunday afternoon, thanks to all who participated in the survey and attended the panel.

My doggies were very glad when I got home at about 1 am this morning!

Oh and I got the fursuit that was in the artist alley ...yeah!!!
Best regards

newspaper article

I thought folks might like to read the newspaper article about the furry research.
Basically the reporter had me email her answers to a large number of questions. It takes a while to respond, but she did a copy and paste so there were very few errors :)

Also I was invited to give a panel at the Furnal Equinox March 6-7 in Toronto. I don't have a time slot assigned yet. Is anyone attending that?

Sean Moncrieff show interview

I think the interview went well. He only asked one silly question about if a furry elephant and furry chihuahua would be able to be a family. I told him from our research, furries indicated that being tolerant was an important furry characteristic.
Everything else was pretty tame.
I also pointed out that we have never had a random sample of furries and our results may not be representative of the population...that is an important scientific observation and qualification of our findings.
Thanks everyone!
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Furries, media and DrG

Last week I was interviewed for an online BBC magazine, Denise Winterman, was the journalist http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/8355287.stm
This Friday morning (Nov 20, 2009) around 9:40 am Eastern Standard Time I am being interviewed live on Irish Talk Radio, the Sean
Moncrieff show
http://www.newstalk.ie/programmes/all/moncrieff/. I spoke with the producer this morning, it is a result of the BBC article and she claims they wanted me and not sensationalistic stuff. We'll see what happens. I have done a local radio interview a couple years ago after the Entourage furry tv episode. Live interviews are more challenging than print for sure. But I survived a couple of local shock jocks so I think it will be okay. You don't make a living as a college professor without being able to manage talk :)

Halloween and my homemade fursuit

So the college had a Halloween party the night before Halloween for little kids and I had acquired really nice very red foot pj's to go with my fox ears, tail and paws and nose/snout. So I put on the pj's stuffed them with pillow stuffing, added some white fuzzy hair for my head and attended the party. I tried not to talk and lots of people did not know who I was.
1) it was fun
2) I did things like dance around that I would never have done otherwise
3) mimed
4) fell in the leaves with the kids
5) played balloon ball with kids
and got REALLY REALLY HOT!!!!!!! after an hour my face was the red color of the fox tail!

Some kids loved it and a few were afraid...interesting huh?

a funny fursuit story

As usual I wore some furry attire to  my Intro to psych classes on Thursday. I do this when I talk about the research. Tuesday morning it was fox ears, fox tail and some nifty paws I got at Anthrocon this year.
Two guys in the class who are on the soccer team, asked me to attend their game that afternoon in furry attire, to be a mascot. I attended part of the game and added my dragon wings, what the heck, why not be a flying fox? 
What was really interesting was that no people paid any attention to me. There were not too many folks there maybe a total of 50 or so fans.
HOWEVER, I did get tons of attention from a 15 week old Bernese MT dog puppy who wanted to chew up my tail and my paws, not allowed, but I did go back to my car and get a big Milk Bone for the puppy.

(As my perceptive daughter suggested, people probably thought you were a mascot). However I could not do mascotly things because there was no room on the sideline. Also in all truth I would have felt more comfortable doing mascotly things if)
1) I had permission from the coach
2) I was wearing a mask  ! :)
Maybe I will seek permission and get a mask and have a go at ANTICS!

I actually have  a furry in one of my classes this year. He has not yet been to Anthrocon, but if things work out, maybe he will come with us in June as a helper.
I hope everyone is well!
Take care,