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drg_kcgerbasi's Journal

DrG, Kathy Gerbasi, Ph.D.
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This journal was created as a way for participants in my ongoing studies of the Furry Fandom, to get information on the progress of and results from the studies.
I am a Social Psychologist and also an Anthrozoologist. (Social psychologists are interested in the ways people relate to and influence each other and anthrozoologists are interested in the many different ways humans and animals other than human interact and relate to each other.) I teach psychology (Intro, Social, Life Span and Human-Animal Relations) full time at Niagara County Community College (near Niagara Falls, NY)
Given these interests, my desire to study the Furry Fandom makes sense.
I am a social scientist and my goal in studying furries is to try to understand what it means to be a furry, how a person comes to decide he or she is a furry, the species that the person relates to, and a variety of personality and individual differences that may characterize furry individuals.
I am committed to doing good science about furries, not sensationalism as some folks in the media (print and otherwise) have been...if you are a furry and reading this you know what I mean and I will not promote that information by repeating the sources here!